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Our story

Founded in 1974

Inheriting forty-five years of history

Pay tribute to excellence in European craftsmanship and technology


The predecessor of AD was founded in 1974 by the Dutch Luis van rossum and Frans van meulebroeck. This is a perfect combination, the former is an entrepreneur with an international vision, and the latter is a senior electronic engineer from Royal Netherlands Philips. At the time the company's base was located in Atea on the southeast coast of Spain.

At first, the company's name was Prosound. In the 1970s, when the tourism industry was very prosperous, Prosound provided sound reinforcement systems for these expanding bars, discos, concerts, festivals and so on. Prosound provided them with excellent professional services, and quickly established a good reputation through word-of-mouth communication among customers, because Prosound rarely provided a complete set of services at that time: amplifiers, speakers and processors.


At that time, Prosound was undoubtedly successful, and it continued into the 1980s. The PS series launched during the period became a milestone in the company's development. Their reliability and durability ensure that they are used throughout the country in day-to-day rigorous use in holiday celebrations, bars and rock concerts. Prosound's word of mouth has since been widely recognized, because its customers know that Prosound's production has never been disappointing in practical applications, whether it is the harsh use of professionals, or the rude use of the younger generation of Spain who are obsessed with crazy nightlife. In fact, many of the PS series's stereos still perform well after decades of normal use, and they stand tall.


As the product gradually expanded into the international market, Prosound decided to change the name to AD in order to avoid confusion in the Western European language family. AD has become one of the pioneers in the field of digital audio processing. Its digital audio processor AD-1000DC proved this by winning the 1994 Dutch Technology Innovation Award. AD has always implemented a low-key style of work and immersed itself in technological innovation. It believes that only in this way can we truly maintain a leading position in the industry and a good reputation, instead of over-advertise, promote, and promote.

In the early 1990s, the famous German sound engineer Juergen Eicker joined AD. He was deeply attracted by the concept of AD, and Juergeη Eicker was fully responsible for the research and development of AD. He found his philosophy to be fully leveraged in AD: innovation in quality, durability and reliability without compromise. The 32/FS series is a great example of the success of an ultra-powered, active 4-channel PA system with a semi-digital micro-processing AD-2400 amplifier.


AD participated in the Frankfurt exhibition in 2000 and grandly launched the new MA and M passive speakers with internal safety design. Because of its high quality, high reliability and high durability, AD achieved great success in the same year.


After years of hard work and testing, the new concept of the NEO-craft show/sports series was launched at the 2002 NAMM show in the United States. NEO-craft uses an all-aluminum frame structure and is the first to use a base metal unit. The design concept is very innovative. Really redefining the weight, power, precision and industry standards hanging on professional audio. He is based on the strict requirements of professional musicians, and has developed a high-performance and efficient speaker system with outstanding performance and powerful functions. For more than 20 years, AD has overcome a series of problems such as heat dissipation, interference, distortion, and resonance in the speaker system, and has created a large number of patented technologies, making the AD speaker system excellent in frequency equalization.


German AD's loudspeakers are known as international high-end products and are one of the world famous brands. In 2008, the ADS series was introduced. The advantage is that the system ensures high-fidelity restoration of the signal; low distortion drive unit. In addition, the German AD SPERK series of speakers also have built-in protection circuits.

It has clear and bright treble; the midrange is accurate, full and penetrating; the bass is thick and powerful. It achieves the highest level of the world's speaker system in terms of high sensitivity, high sound pressure and low distortion.

All of AD's speaker units, compression drivers, constant pointing horns, passive crossovers and cabinets are manufactured and assembled in strict accordance with German industry standards and never compromise. Each parameter is adjusted one by one by the laboratory with special instruments before leaving the factory to ensure the safety and stability of the system.

AD's beautiful sound quality, extremely low distortion, smooth frequency response and simple installation, the high quality has won the trust and respect of the majority of professionals around the world.


With the introduction of ADM and ADP series products, ADM and ADP have been fully developed by German rigorous craftsmanship and artistic charm. They are classical and trendy and have the ability to reproduce a variety of musical styles, which is highly appreciated by professional music workers. The innovative full-range system of the horn ensures a natural and clear sound quality when the sound is high and dynamic, and the angle of each object can be changed to provide vertical or horizontal installation for maximum versatility. .


Germany AD continues to innovate and develop, and in 2018 launched two new series, AMG series and series. The new anti-counterfeiting mark also witnessed the evolution of the king. The AMG series has a rugged and precise structure that improves overall sound quality and cabinet strength. The VII series is a combination of fluidity, practicality and convenience. It can also be used for fixed installations and large, medium and small mobile performances through flexible matching.

2019 to present

In view of the rapid development of the Chinese market, AUDIENCE DELIGHT has selected Huaxin Audio as a strategic partner since 2009, responsible for brand marketing in Greater China. This move will undoubtedly bring a surge of power to the professional audio market. With a truly cost-effective approach to the market, the desire for the thrilling effects of true German-based electro-acoustic technology has become so simple; it has also really benefited our customers and partners in the fierce competition.